9 September 2022

The Holy Rosary can Transform Us

Today during the Cenacle prayers, while we were praying the holy rosary, I noticed a tall gentleman come and sit in the pew behind me, to my left.

He was beautifully dressed in a black Naval Officer’s ceremonial uniform and white hat. He took off his naval hat and placed it on the pew, then kneeled and prayed the rosary with us. As soon as we finished reading Blessed Mother’s Message from the ‘Blue book’, the gentleman stood up, took his hat and walked out of the church.

In that instant, our Lord Jesus said to me, “See the gentleman behind you; he came into the church full of worry and problems. Then he joined you in prayer, and I tell you, he walked out a completely different person; completely happy and serene, full of an unexplainable feeling of joy in his heart. He felt really good.”

Our Lord smiled as he was telling me this.

After our Lord spoke to me, I turned around and watched as the gentleman walked out of the church.

I thought, ‘Wow, we don’t usually see people dressed like that in our church. Our Lord Jesus really touched him.’

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the graces we receive through the Cenacle Rosary prayers. Thank you for touching this man’s heart in such a beautiful way.