18 September 2022

The Twelve Tribes of Judah

In the morning, I suffered severe pain in my leg for the Holy Souls when suddenly the angel appeared. Smiling, he said, “Come with me. I will show you and explain to you something that you do not know yet.”

As usual, I immediately thought we would be going to Purgatory, but no, we suddenly found ourselves in this beautiful garden, and I knew right away that we were in Heaven. We came upon a grand and beautiful building. While standing there, two objects suddenly appeared in front of the building. They were both of a very pure white, and one was much bigger than the other. The smaller object was in the shape of an egg, with a silvery spark of light shooting out from the top, just like a shooting star, while the larger one was of a more rounded shape with no sparks.

The angel was smiling and looking at me when he asked, “If you could choose, which one would you choose, the smaller object or, the bigger one?”

I immediately answered, “Well, I want to go for the bigger object!”

After a short pause, the angel smiled and said, “Are you sure you want to choose the bigger one?”

I thought about what the angel asked, and in my heart, I remembered the spark of light coming from the smaller object, and I also thought, ‘do not be greedy.’

I answered the angel, “No, I think I’ll change my mind, and I’ll go for the smaller one.”

The angel said, “You have made the right decision. Do you know what the bigger object represents? Today in the world, people are all for big things. The more they have, the more they want. The bigger the things they get, the greedier they become. You chose the right thing to become smaller and humble, and you are happy with that, and God is pleased.”

The angel then said, “Another thing I want to show you. Do you know what is behind this building?”

I said, “No. Can we go in?”

The angel replied, “No, we cannot go in, but I can explain to you what is behind the wall of this building. It is like when you go to a beautiful opera, and of course, the very important people go to the higher seating to get a better view. They go there because they are important and pay more for their ticket.”

“I want to explain that it is like that behind this wall. Do you know the twelve apostles that our Lord chose on earth are now behind this wall? They are in a higher place above all of Heaven because they were chosen. Our Lord Jesus chose them, and there is a reason and a meaning for everything He chose. The Apostles were His followers, and He taught them. They preached with our Lord, shared their faith, and they suffered with our Lord. The Apostles represent a great many things. They are the twelve tribes of Judah, and everything is selected; everything is represented through them. That is why our Lord put them there. Now in Heaven, they are on a high level above all the Saints because they were the Apostles on earth chosen by our Lord Jesus. Now they are in the high place just like in the opera.”

I said, “That is great, that is so beautiful, but still, I would like to go inside to see them.”

The angel said, “No, you cannot go inside. Nobody can go inside. This building is specially reserved and made for the Apostles.”

The building contained magnificent tall and narrow stained-glass windows. I could see twelve of these windows, which were high up, not on the lower level, but high up like in the opera. They were beautiful.

The angel and I were both admiring the exquisite stained-glass windows. Each window depicted a beautiful sunflower, yellow gold with seeds in the middle and long thick green stems and leaves; each flower slightly turned, facing the other. The colours were so vibrant that the flowers looked alive.

I said to the angel, “I like the stained glass. I would think it would be something different for the Apostles [not sunflowers]. I have never seen that before in Heaven.”

The angel said, “Even the sunflowers represent something.”

The Apostles were so privileged to be with our Lord while on earth. They did not understand that, at the time, but now look where they are, in this beautiful place.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your Holy Apostles.