10 April 2022

Palm Sunday

The stains on the Church Floor

Today at Holy Mass, during the Consecration, I noticed a Baby Boy around the Altar. I thought to myself, ‘Where is the little Baby coming from?’ I then realised that this was a vision that our Lord was giving me. I watched as the little Boy Jesus came down from the Altar. He had blonde wavy hair and was dressed all in white. He held something in His Hand that he was licking just like you would see a baby do; however, I did not know what it was. I could see all greenery around the Altar representing Palm Sunday.

As I watched Baby Jesus walk along the church floor, I noticed a trail of dirty marks on the floor, similar to when you drop a fig or piece of fruit and step on it and crush it. The stains were so thick and sticky.

I thought to myself, ‘Oh my God, people will be going to Holy Communion and stepping on all of that; who will clean it all?’ The vision was so real.

Baby Jesus walked along the trail of dirty marks and then turned towards me, and with tears streaming down His Holy Cheeks, He pointed towards the stains and said, “Watch, the trail of sin. Why I Am showing you this is because I Am going to be very offended and sacrileged today. Many people will come full of unconfessed sin, not only in this church but all other churches, to receive My Body. Some with mortal sin because they have never confessed. They don’t know the value of My Body, and they offend Me so much. The stains represent sins, not only in this church but also in all other churches, and priests do not speak about it. They don’t tell people to repent, nor do they tell them not to come to the Altar to receive Me. How much I suffer!”

The trail of dirt that represents sin leads from the Altar, where Holy Communion is distributed, to the Tabernacle in the Chapel.

The tears ran down our Lord’s Beautiful Face like a little Baby. He said, “The trail of sin that will come to receive Me on such a big Feast Day. No repentance!”

I cried and became so emotional as I watched our Lord. Our Lord then departed and went back to the Tabernacle.