8 April 2022

A Soul Suffers Deeply Due to Greed and Materialism

After midnight, like most nights, my room was full of souls again. I suffered excruciating pain in my leg for the Holy Souls.

The angel came. Teasing me, he said, “Your leg is now universal! Everybody wants your leg.”

I said, “Universal? That’s funny.”

The angel said, “Come with me.”

We went to Purgatory, where the angel showed me what I was to clean. I could see many dead leaves from a tree. These leaves represent souls that are dry, completely dry. I was cleaning these dry leaves, but they were very stubborn that I couldn’t get them off.

Suddenly, the angel stood beside me and said, “Watch. I will show you something; the greed of the world! They never give up, and some souls here are suffering like that.”

All of a sudden, in front of me, a field appeared, all brown with dry grass. In that field, I saw the biggest fat pig! I had never seen a pig that big. It was the size of an elephant. It was dark brown with big black patches. I watched as the pig repeatedly pulled bunches of the dry grass with its snout and would then immediately throw them out.

I exclaimed, “That’s a pig! What’s a pig doing in Purgatory?”

The angel said, “That fat pig is a person. Very greedy. The fatness represents greed. The more the person had, the more he wanted, and now he has to suffer so much. That is why I am showing you—so many material things but not enough, not enough, not enough! More and more and more and more! You would think he would blow up! But zero in the spiritual, complete dryness!”

The pig could not speak but only made grunting sounds. This was his punishment.

The angel said, “In Purgatory, God punishes people. God did not want to condemn him to hell because he did not commit really bad offences, but He punished him to show him that he is like a fat animal.”

“Valentina, it is up to you to help,” said the angel.

I thought, no wonder I am suffering. I said to the angel, “Yes, they do wrong on earth, and they don’t know me, but they criticise me, but when the moment comes, they want help.”

The angel said, “That is because you have the grace to help, and you console our Lord. It is up to you.”

“People have become materialistic and greedy, and they don’t want to know God. And this is all over the world. When they die unexpectedly or suddenly in war or accidents-then what comes in front of them is God who shows them the truth and judgement,” said the angel.

Lord be merciful to all of them.