10 May 2017

During the afternoon, while I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, all of a sudden a large group of people from ancient times appeared before me.

They were all very eagerly coming towards me with outstretched hands, and speaking in their own language, which I could not understand. Then one rather tall gentleman stepped forward and spoke to me in broken English.

He said, ” Valentina, don’t be afraid. We are the Prophets of ancient times. We don’t mean to harm you. We come to tell you that you are now living the Prophecies we received in ancient times. We tell you that we would not like to live in your world today. We would not like to be on earth now. The world is a very terrible place.”

“Valentina, be courageous and spread God’s prophetic words to the people so that people can convert and change and come to know God. “