30 April 2017

Lord Jesus said to me, “My child, don’t be silent. Speak to the people. The time is very crucial. Tell people to pray and repent of their sins. Time is also very short and things are unfolding very fast. Many disasters will occur by nature and there are also very dangerous happenings in North Korea. Many lives will be lost if they don’t repent and get to know Me. People need to come to My refuge so they can be saved and protected.”

Later, an Angel of the Lord appeared and said, “I come to warn you.”

He showed me a big round object being sent up into the atmosphere by North Korea.

He said, “This will be sent up and will explode on coming down. When it hits the ground it will create enormous damage. Many lives will be lost. It can happen any time. Pray!”

Holy Michael and another angel I recognised were also present when I was shown this vision.

When the angel showed this weapon to me, I called the Archangel Michael and said, “Michael!”

As I looked at him, his head sank into his robe as if hiding from me.

I gently berated him, “Stop hiding!” He then reappeared smiling and said, “I played a little joke on you.”

I was so shocked and disturbed by the vision of the bomb, that I think St Michael was trying to ease my mind by playing a little joke on me.

I said, “Michael, can you explain to me about this dangerous bomb? What part of the world will be hit and when?”

He smiled and answered, “It can hit any place in the world.”

I was very sad thinking of all the poor people who will suffer, and many will die.

Holy Michael said, “Don’t say poor people, always say let it be God’s Will. God is very offended by humanity. Their behaviour is terrible. Tell everyone to change and pray. Maybe this disaster can still be mitigated before it happens.”

Please, people, pray with all your heart. May God save people and have mercy on us all.