10 November 2023

During the Cenacle Prayers

Today in the Chapel, during the Cenacle Rosary prayers, after reading the message from the ‘Blue Book’, Blessed Mother suddenly appeared and was smiling and very happy.

She came to encourage me to speak up and to share with the group about my experience at the Holy Mass and Cenacle prayers with Father Luca from a few days before.

Looking at me, she said, “Well, aren’t you going to tell the whole group about the meeting you went to on Wednesday?”

“Share with them how beautiful and joyful it was—that you participated in and was witness to, and because of that, My Son blesses the prayer group in Parramatta.”

Being obedient to Blessed Mother, I stood up and started to speak. I told the group what Father Luca said: that it is important to persevere in prayer because that will help the Blessed Mother triumph through her Immaculate Heart.

I reminded the group and said to them, “Lord Jesus came and consecrated this group to Himself, which is a very big Grace given to all of you. That is why Parramatta is still number one above all prayer groups.”

I also told the group how Blessed Mother had said that everyone from the group should have gone to the retreat.

Blessed Mother said, “We love you, my children, and we always look for your prayers that are needed for the souls and for people and are distributed where needed. Remember, my children, I am the one who leads you through all your prayers, and I protect you from all evil.

“The prayer group is very beneficial for the church, for the priests and for everybody.”

After we prayed the Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as soon as we kneeled, suddenly, to my far right, I could see a moving gold light. It appeared to come down and flow from the Tabernacle—full, pure, thick gold light, not a mist, but really thick.

I could then see it moving in a flash, first to the right side of the Chapel around the pews, and then suddenly making its way towards me, coming to my left side, passing between me and a lady sitting to my left, but then suddenly turning towards me and surrounding me. Instantly, I felt it wrapping itself around me like a very solid gold blanket.

It was wrapping me with this light, and there was so much of it.

Oh, it was so joyous.

Not understanding what was happening, I said to our Lord, “Lord, what is all this about?”

Smiling, He said, “I come to embrace you with the Light of My Grace for being courageous.”

Our Lord was pleased that I stood up in front of the group and shared with them my experience at the Prayer Meeting.