10th August 2014

Sunday Mass at St. Margaret Mary’s Church

An urgent message of warning

Our Lord Jesus came to me during the Holy Mass and said to me. “My child, console Me I am so offended and sad to watch so much killing and violence in the world and the persecution of the Christians but this is a message of warning. This is only the beginning of all that I have spoken to you in the past it is now here and what is to come, there is so much misery it breaks My Heart. Yet people don’t take any notice of it and they do not wake up and see what is upon them all.”

“How many times have I begged you to come to God but people turn away from the real Truth. They rather worship material goods and live in sin, rather than turn to God who offers them Life and Love. They allow themselves to be guided by the devil.”

He shook His head and said, “So much misery I see that it breaks My Sacred Heart. My child, fear not, encourage people to change and pray and be protected by My guidance and mercy.”

Then he said, “Say, ‘My Lord come to my aid protect me from all evil and snares in this turmoil world, I Trust in You’.”