July 2014

Protection and Guidance from our Angels
Our guardian angels are always with us. They protect us from danger.
For instance, if we are in danger, on the road or in any situation, and if we invoke our guardian angels, they are very happy to help us, protect us, and come to our aid.
In a vision, the angels showed me, how they instantaneously come to our aid when we are in danger. Standing on our right side, like a high speed train passing a platform, they swing their huge wing in front of us to protect us. Their wing forms a shield around us and stops any harm coming to us.
I saw a guardian angel protecting someone by standing beside them to their right. Suddenly, the angel’s huge white wing swirled from the right to the left and shielded that person.
 The angels told me how much they appreciated when we thank God for sending them to us to protect us.
Even in Purgatory, the souls have their guardian angels to console them, to encourage them and to guide them, through their suffering. All the angels look very young.
 They told me, “There are millions of us.” They can even take the form of a human being in order to help people.
Yesterday, an angel took me to Purgatory to a group of souls. These souls are very confused. They did not resign to or accept the penance that was assigned to them for their purification. They insisted that it was not right and just.
I said to them, “Accept what is coming to you and I will help you. You will see that in no time you will be free of all of the suffering for your purification.”
Some souls find it very hard to accept the sufferings they must endure because of the sins committed during their lifetime. This particular group was very hard to convince. They feel they didn’t deserve this suffering.
They said, “This is not fair what has been done to us.”  Both the angel and myself, tried to convince them otherwise.
The angel embraced me and then said, “Let’s go, we have completed our mission. We have to leave. We cannot stay here any longer. They have to learn the hard way. These souls are very difficult to convince.”