10th December, 2006

Mission Sunday

St Margaret Mary Church. Our Lord appeared to me during the address being given to us by a Mission Sister.

“Peace be with you, My child, and be happy. Prepare well for this Holy Event. Look forward for your Saviour to be born. I bring hope and peace to all humanity, but not many accept Me. My heart gives for all the suffering and persecuted in many poor countries of the world, while others are greedy and selfish just for themselves. No love or compassion for the hungry and poor. The rich have no love their deeds are dead in my sight. Life is full of struggle as you all feel.”

“I give you My peace and hope. Sacrifice for Me. Tell My people I speak through extreme weather that you are all experiencing.”

“wake up and repent! Tell them not to ignore these signs. They are serious, all over the world.”

Australia is experiencing the worst drought. Soon you will be monitored as to how much water you can consume. Your government knows all this and they are controlling all.”

“I permit all these things which you are experiencing, Australian people are very proud and they ignore My warnings that I speak through very simple children.”

“Gos is love and I and the Father are one. We wait for all to ask for forgiveness.”