9th December, 2006

Very early one morning I awoke and recited the prayer to the Divine Mercy. In a vision a person appeared, dressed as a priest in a black soutane and white collar. Around his neck he wore a long gold chain carrying a gold crucifix. He held a hook in his hand.

He smiled and began to speak, “ I know you are very fond of me and pray to me on behalf of the children. My name is St. John Bosco. I was sent to you to ask you if you are happy now with the Mass as it is today.”

“It is not as it used to be since Vatican II” I replied. “Something’s are all right and others are not good.” I thought about the rite of Holy Communion, no alter rails to receive communion on the tongue while kneeling but people stand and receive the Host in their hands. Now, even the precious blood is handed from one to another in the chalice where as before it was the Priest alone who received the Precious Blood of Christ.

St. John Bosco was writing all that I was saying and thinking in the book he was holding

Then he said, “Valentina, be patient and continue to pray. The Lord knows everything. I know that the Mass is very short at times. It is not as the way it used to be, but have hope that things will change and be as it once was.”

As he departed he said, “Thankyou, Valentina, for telling me all this. Now go back to sleep for you need your rest, it is very early (5am)”