10th MARCH, 2007

“My children,” Blessed Mother spoke, “Thankyou for gathering in a prayer group today. You make Me and My Son very happy, and you console Jesus, for the world offends Him so much in a terrible way. His Sacred Heart is constantly wounded to see so much corruption and lies against one another. Even in the government they go against one another just to achieve their goal. Look at the African people, how they are constantly persecuted and killed. Hungry for their food and justice and no one wants to help them. These sacrificial killings and tortures are happening in many parts of the world. Evil and hate continue, My children. You do not know the meaning. of all this suffering because you live in a peaceful land, but at least offer your daily prayers for this intention so that the Peace may soon come. Only God can give peace but not the world. The leaders of the world talk about peace but never mention God who guides you in your lives.”

“Jesus is very sad because of all this which He sees in the world. Console Him with your love and prayers.”

Blessed Mother was very sad while telling me all this.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and on the world.