8th MARCH, 2007

Our Lord spoke to me this morning. It made me cry.

“My children, when you are not sure of yourselves and you are sad, quicken yourselves and run to Me. Open the door of My Sacred Heart. Enter and come, full of confidence, knowing that I will help you, knowing that this is a secret place where we meet and share an intimate love and relationship with one another, with so many pulses that echo with one tune, ‘I love you’.”

“No one can separate us. My child, be always one with Me and console Me, for the world rebels against Me and denies Me, speaking of Me like a common criminal. They treat Me in a human way and compare Me against their sinful selves. Even in My churches, they are not truthful to Me. There is so much falsehood amongst people. Only a very few simple souls are with Me and loving Me.”

“Others judge Me on their own sinful standard.”