10th May

Blessed Mother appeared to me with little baby Jesus in her arms. Se smiled at me and said, “When people beg you to pray for them and ask Me favours on their behalf, tell them in my name to pray the Most Holy Rosary – the Joyful mysteries. These are My favourite mysteries because I am holding My little Son Jesus in My Holy arms. Lord little infant Jesus, my little “bub” My Beloved Son. He brings such a joy to my Immaculate Heart, the little baby, the Saviour that I bore for all of you.

Our Blessed Mother continued, “Tell people that when they pray these mysteries sincerely from their heart, they will receive many graces and their petitions will be answered. Why do I hold My Son Jesus in my arms? Because I am constantly offering Him to you and I want to place Him in the arms of each and everyone of you My children.

Tell people to trust me and to come and seek my aid. I am your Mother and I love you all very much and I want you to love My Son Jesus who also loves you all very much.”

Thankyou my beautiful Holy Mother for loving us so much and for giving us your Son Jesus.