15th AUGUST, 1994


In the church of St Margaret Mary, Merrylands. Our Blessed Mother appeared to me smiling and said, “My children, today is the very special feast of My Assumption into Heaven. It is very important for you to give Me a great honour of My Assumption. Your Heavenly Mother ascended into paradise, Soul and Body on this feast. The Saints and Angels constantly rejoice and praise Me for who I am, the Mother of My Son Jesus.”

“Constantly, the Saints and Angels, all Heavenly Beings leap for joy, singing and praising Me for they are so happy to be with Us in Heaven. Also, many souls, on this special day, come to Heaven. God gives many graces. They are overwhelmed with joy.” (These are souls lifted up from Purgatory )

“Now, I come to give you good news, My children. I come to announce to you that Jesus will soon reign on earth.”

“He will come in His Glory.”

“He can no longer watch so sinful and corrupt a world. He lowers His hand to purify the nations. Many catastrophic disasters are happening and will persist very frequently one after another. Once they get over one disaster another is happening. Until mankind realises God is letting His anger on His children on earth, these things will continue to happen.

They are not obedient to His will.”

“Lose no hope, My children, when you see all these disasters happening. Pray and have faith and trust in Jesus. Jesus will soon reign on earth. Be happy and grateful for He is preparing for you a new era of peace and will establish a Kingdom among His people. He will finally chain the devil and he will no longer be able to deceive you.”

“My children, don’t lose hope. Keep praying, have faith in Us, My children. I bless you all, My children. In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

Thankyou, Holy Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth.

We must pray the Holy Rosary daily for World Peace.