11 April 2014

In the evening while I was praying, and recollecting the events that had happened earlier today, I said to our Blessed Mother, “The world is in confusion and we are now being attacked directly from within the Church, even from people that are religious and are catholic. A lay church servant is trying to teach us about the Church and our faith. This person is saying to us that we are not allowed to genuflect before the Holy Cross. We should only bow. We should only genuflect on Good Fridays. This teaching does not give true reverence to God. He is trying to impose new laws upon us.”
Then all of a sudden, our Blessed Mother appeared before me. She was covered in a most brilliant electric blue mantle. She was smiling. She hugged me and said, “Fear not my child. Do not worry. The enemy tries to stop you, but My Son and I will not permit the enemy to stop you. I wrap all of you in My Holy mantle and I protect you. Nobody can harm you and snatch you away from me.”
I then saw how our Blessed Mother extended Her arm and with Her most brilliant blue mantle, spread it right around the people in the prayer group, who were praying the Cenacle Rosary in St Patrick’s Chapel in Parramatta, wrapping each person individually. Her mantle was huge and it covered all of us, She was standing in the middle of our prayer group, praying and hugging all of us.
She said, “Be courageous My children. Nobody can remove you from here. If this Cenacle prayer group is stopped, this Church will be in trouble. My Son chose this place in which you pray. Many graces are given to this Church through the Cenacle Prayers.”
Jesus told me many times, “The more you honour Me and My Holy Cross and give Me reverence the more I bless you. Make the Sign of the Cross as many times as you can throughout the day. By doing this you give Me Glory in Heaven. Even if you can’t pray because of your daily duties, make the Sign of the Cross. This will make up for your negligence and weakness.”