12 March 2014

False Prophets
When I was doing my thanksgiving prayers about 5am in the morning, all of a sudden my room was filled with an unusual presence.
 I could see a lot of women standing around my bed. There were twenty of them and they were all dressed in dull white dresses.
They said to me, “We have come to see you. You have never seen us before. We have come to tell you that we are the false prophets and you are the true prophet and we hate you. We have come to frighten you and tell you that we are more powerful than you because there are more of us false prophets than there are true prophets. We copy a lot of prophecies from you and others from the internet and then we put up our messages for people to read, and they follow us. We deceive people.”
They continued, “You shouldn’t talk to people about God and you shouldn’t bring them to God. That is why we will stop you. We do everything possible to stop you.” They were very nasty and angry with me.
Whilst they were saying this to me they started slapping me across the face and threatening, “We will stop you.”
I slapped them back and said, “O yeah, you will try to stop me? I will call upon the Blessed Mother, Holy Jesus and Holy Michael, the Archangel. When I call upon our Lord Jesus Christ you will vanish because He will come to my aid.”
I said to them, “You will never stop me.”
I grabbed my bottle of holy water and splashed it over them and said, “Get out of here in the Name of Jesus Christ.” They vanished.
13 March 2014
While I was praying in the morning our Lord appeared to me and said, “Don’t be afraid they (false prophets) will not harm you.”
“I have chosen you. You were rooted in Me way back before the beginning of time.”
Our Lord said, “You praise me so beautifully, you must always thank me for the life I have given you, for being your teacher, your Lord and your God. Praise Me and love Me always.”