28 February 2014

In the morning during my prayer offerings the Angel came to me and said, “I come to remind you of the Cenacle prayers that you have at St Patricks Cathedral, Parramatta every Friday. People are not always committed. They think, ‘if I go, I go and if I don’t, I don’t’.”
The angel continued, “Let me remind you of how essential this prayer group is that you have joined. Many, many good fruits have come from your prayers and they will continue to come. Your Parramatta Diocese was to have a new priest appointed. He was ready to come. He was on the list to come. Our Lord Jesus however stopped him from being appointed. Right now I will show you a vision.”
I was shown a vision of how Our Lord’s Almighty Hand stopped this priest from coming.
The angel showed me the priest that was destined for this church. He was a middle-aged Caucasian, with fair hair and a receding hair line. He was sitting down, enjoying a conversation with a group of about four to five priests. He was wearing a light grey priestly shirt and with a clerical collar. This vision was present for a long time.
The angel said, “This priest would do more harm than good in this Church. Our Lord has protected the Cathedral at Parramatta from his appointment. Be grateful to Our Lord for what he has done for this church. Continue to pray and do not give up. Only through prayer will you receive God’s graces and blessings.”
I said to the angel, “I didn’t realise that through prayer such things could be stopped.”
I was so grateful to Our Lord Jesus for protecting the Diocese of Parramatta. I was relieved, but at the same time, concerned what would this priest do to the other parishes where he would be appointed.