25 February 2014

During Mass at St Patricks Church, Sydney
“I the Lord am speaking. Valentina my child, tell the world that the day of the Lord is very near.
“I can no longer watch so much injustice, killing and cheating. The poor people are the most unfortunate. The leaders of the world are all liars.”
“They only want to be powerful, popular and self-important.”
“Tell them, I the Lord watch them and see everything. One day they shall give Me an account of all their wrong-doings. They shall be responsible for how they treat the most weak and unfortunate, poor people.”
“How sad I am.”
“I, the Lord and God, love you so much but the world completely denies Me and pushes Me out of their lives.”
 See all the troubles and disasters that are happening everywhere in the world, and the misery it is causing to all humanity, yet people have the courage to say, ‘But this always happens and it is because of the environment and global warming’.”
“All my people,” Our Lord said, “Wake up and see the reality in front of your eyes and ears. Your earth is moving and swallowing many. How long will you remain blind? Wake up before it is too late. My anger is great. Tell them that My Hand is lowered down. How long before you come and repent at the foot of My Cross and say that you are sorry for so many offences and denials, that cause My Sacred Heart to grieve.
I love you so much and yet you repay Me with evil deeds.”
“You would rather live in the darkness and not in the Light. Tell them that I, the Lord has spoken. They see disasters of severe weather, icy winters, droughts, fires, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and hurricanes such as has never been before and they still persist.“
“Tell them I shall visit every nation on earth over and over, until you bend your knees and repent of your evil doings and pride.”
Our Lord was so sad and angry whilst giving me this message. People, start praying and ask for our Lord’s forgiveness.
Whilst our Lord was speaking to me I was simultaneously shown visions of the severe weather patterns to afflict the world. They were horrible.