21 February 2014

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta during the Friday Cenacle Prayer
Whilst I was in the church during the Cenacle prayers, I asked our Blessed Mother to please help us. I said to her, “Not many of us are here today Blessed Mother, there are fewer and fewer people coming to our prayer group.”
Our Blessed Mother then appeared, smiling she said, “Do not give up, do not despair and do not be sad. Continue to pray even if there are a few of you here. My children you do not realise how many graces you receive when you are here on Fridays praying the Cenacle Prayers. You do not know how essential these prayers are. When you are here you receive graces, especially for the church, for others and for the petitions of people. Now you have to pray the most, the world is in a very sinful state. A revolution will start in one part of the world and then ignite in another part of the world.”
In a vision I was shown how the devil was causing riots to flare up, in different parts of the world. Symbolically, I could see the devil lighting matches and setting fire to these different areas.
Our Blessed Mother said, “Do not give up praying. Try to encourage others to come. When you are present, here in this church, as a group you all receive special graces and blessings from my Son. He loves you all very much. Pray for your priests and Bishop because they have been chosen for this church.”