11 February 2014

All of a sudden the vision came to me. The vision was so beautiful. I saw three unusually large white doves in the bright blue sky. They were flying in the same direction. One was in front and the other two on either side. Around them was a beautiful white lace ribbon. I could see strings of the white lace attached to each of the doves. They were flying so peacefully.

A little a further on, I could see an opening in the sky and angels appeared, dressed in tunics of a deep rose pink colour. They were mature, male angels with long fair wavy hair that was touching their shoulders. I could see three angels in front with more behind. They were encircled by a ring of gold.
They, too, were holding white feathers in their hands and moving them around. I thought to myself this must represent something.

While was watching this vision, I said to myself, “This is so beautiful.”
Then the voice of the angels came to me and said, “Pray for peace to come to this troubled world.”

The vision then disappeared.