5 February 2014

In the morning whilst I was praying the Angel came to me to console me for all the physical suffering that I offered up to the Lord. The suffering was for the poor souls in purgatory. It started a few days after the New Year. I suffered so much pain in my left leg and other parts of my body.
The Angel said to me, “Today you will experience a reward from Our Lord for all the suffering you offered up for Him.”
I wondered where the Angel was taking me. Maybe to see more souls, I thought.
The Angel said, “Today you will take a tour through the City of Heaven.”
All of a sudden we found ourselves in a beautiful place and I knew it was Heaven.
Before us appeared a floating vehicle, which looked like a bus but reminded me of a plane. It was all made of transparent glass. The doors opened and we entered and stood inside and we were accompanied by other angels inside.
All of a sudden the glass vehicle started moving. It moved along the ground and then suddenly floated above the ground travelling through the city. The buildings were generally one or two levels in height and very close to each other. They were made of unusual materials. They were glistening and of a grey marble colour, very beautiful buildings with windows and doors.
Outside I could see beautiful green gardens, grass and flowers all in perfection.
The Angel asked, “Are you happy to see all of this?”
I said, “I never knew that they had such a big city in Heaven. I thought it was all gardens”.
The Angel said, “The Lord makes all beautiful.”
After we toured around the buildings the Angel said to me, “Now you will see something most beautiful, that you have never seen before.”
Suddenly, the glass vehicle that we were travelling in, took us into a building and through a long passage in the building. We were flying through the passage. It appeared to be at least five kilometres long.
Inside were wonders that in my life I never imagined even existed.
On my right and on my left I could see beautiful lacy decorations as for a bride. All the walls were decorated. I then saw the most amazing sweets and cakes, so many different colours, pinkish. They were sweets that would melt in your mouth and they were so real. Further on, I saw pure white cardigans hanging on hangers with scarves. I saw all kinds of beautiful things, but all white.
There were also edible flowers and cakes, so light and fluffy and in the shape of a heart. Without touching, I could taste the cake and feel the texture, as it melted in my mouth. I couldn’t resist. I wanted to take one.
I stretched my hand out to reach and touch one of the cakes. The Angel smiled and said, “Do not touch as it is only there for you to look at.”
After we completed travelling through the passage, I asked the Angel, “What is this place, so beautiful”
He said, “This is the House of Desire. Whatever the soul desires, it comes through here and is immediately filled with whatever it desires, without actually touching.”
The Angel asked, “Are you happy? You are very privileged that our Lord allowed you to see all of this before your time.”
Our Lord is full of surprises He likes to prepare a surprise for us when we reach Heaven