11 July 2023

My Body is Holy, It is Gold

In the early morning hours, while I was praying my morning prayers, Blessed Mother suddenly appeared holding little Boy Jesus in her arms.

She said, “I brought you my Son so you can console Him. He is so offended by so much sacrilege and abuse in the Holy Eucharist and through the Holy Tabernacle, which shouldn’t be.”

Then Blessed Mother gave Me her Son to hold when suddenly He slid down from my hands onto the very dirty and dusty ground. Our Lord Jesus was screaming and screaming like a child. Scattered all around Him on the dirty ground was raw white spaghetti covered in grey dust. Sobbing uncontrollably and with tears running down His Face, little Jesus tried to gather together the spaghetti strands with His little hands. It was so painful for Him to see all of that.

He said, “See what they are doing to Me. They place Me anywhere and take Me anywhere where I don’t want to be. I want to be in a church where I belong. That is My home. That is My House I established from the very beginning in Jerusalem, and I place it in Rome at St Peter, and that is your Faith. That represents My Church, not to be moved from one place to another. That offends Me gravely. They don’t know how Sacred and Holy is My Body.”

“It is GOLD! It is GOLD! It is GOLD!” He screamed while trying to gather the pure white spaghetti scattered everywhere over the dirty, dusty ground. I knelt on the ground, helping little Lord Jesus to gather all the white spaghetti and to console Him.

I said, “Don’t cry, don’t cry, my little Baby,” but He wouldn’t stop crying. It was too much for Him.

“What are they doing to Me?” He was crying and screaming. He was inconsolable.

The white spaghetti represents His Holy Body which is scattered now everywhere. Our Lord does not like this. Whoever does this offends Him terribly.

When Blessed Mother picked up Little Boy Jesus and held Him in her arms, she said, “See how my Son is offended. They play with my Son’s Body. So little reverence is given to My Son. He is so Holy.”

Our Lord showed me that He is deeply offended by what the priests allow—the sacrilege of His Holy Body.