9 July 2023

Warning for the World – Repentance is the Most Important 

This morning after I finished praying the Angelus, our Lord Jesus appeared dressed in a beautiful deep red robe. He was cheerful and smiling. He said, “Valentina, what I Am going to tell you, I want you to spread widely as much as you can and warn the people of the need for repentance and to change their way of life, for this is the most important.”

“The prophecy that was foretold is now all coming to fulfilment. Many catastrophic events will happen in the world. A lot of earthquakes will happen in many parts of the world.”

“Weatherwise, there will be a lot of changes; there will be extreme weather. A lot of people will die from all of this. One earthquake will not finish when another earthquake will arise, and you will all panic in all the devastation.”

“At the same time, your governments will control you, and suppress you more and more and tell you what to do. Your churches will also be controlled and suppressed. You will not be free as you are now.”

“It will not happen all in one day. It will start now in this period and will gradually spread all over the world.”

I asked Him, “Will it be for Australia as well?”

He replied, “It will be everywhere, all over the world. It will hit part of one country and then elsewhere, part of another country. Wherever it’s meant to happen, it will happen.”

“Through these earthquakes and floods, many nations will be entirely annihilated. And Valentina, there are the plates on the bottom of the sea which I previously showed you are there, and they have to be unplugged.” (Refer to Message dated 13 October 2018)

Then our Lord Jesus said, “But I will leave that until the last.”

I was conversing with our Lord when I said, “Lord, I will be really scared and fearful, and so will be the people.”

“You’re going to be scared?” He said.

Trying to encourage me, He was smiling and said, “Why would you be scared when I Am going to give you My power, the same as I have, so that you will not be fearful, and you will not be scared, and I Am going to give My power to all my faithful who really trust Me. So that’s why My children, I want you to pray. Pray very much now. Prayer will give you strength and trust in Me.”

“I want you to talk to people and tell them the Truth—to prepare and to repent. Don’t be afraid.”

“This has to come to pass before My Coming. My Coming is to purify the world of all evil.”

“After the Purification, there will be such a joy and happiness. My Churches will rise. There will be no woman around My Altar, even reading. It will be back to simplicity, to humbleness. It will only be My devoted priests who will serve Me faithfully, and they will understand how much reverence they must give Me.”

Lord Jesus is warning, “When the churches will be persecuted, so will be Rome. Watch for that! They will treat the Pope very badly. It will all start in Rome and spread to all the churches throughout the world.”

Our Lord is warning us. He wants us to be prepared, to repent and to go to Confession and to be in a State of Grace. He wants us to be ready to go through all of what is coming to the world.

Today after Holy Mass in the Chapel, Blessed Mother appeared, and she was very sad when she said, “Write down what My Son told you this morning.”

Most Precious Blood of Jesus, save us.