11 May 2022

To know Me is the biggest Treasure I Offer you here on Earth

This morning I had a lot of suffering for the Holy Souls. When I was praying, our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “Tell people not to be greedy, not to accumulate material goods, and not be attached to them, for soon they will all be worthless. In My Eyes, they are rubbish! Forget about leisure and good times.”

“I judge them over and over,” said our Lord.

That represents that when we die, our Lord will judge us on how attached we were to material things, and He will judge us over and over.

He said, “Instead, tell them to convert and to repent, to come closer to Me and to know Me, and that is the biggest treasure that I offer you here on earth.”

“You are now living in very dangerous and uncertain times. Each day things are unfolding in front of you. Your economy is going right down, and it will not get better soon. The world leaders will tell you that there is no more money in the banks, especially the Reserve Bank, a big corporation that leads all other banks. They will also hit you with high living prices.”

“Also, I want to warn you that they will tell you there is a shortage of food, and they will make you believe that it is true. Of course, they are lying to you all. It would be wise for all of you to withdraw some money out of the bank to keep at home for safekeeping to get you through the times when you will need it.”

“Right now, nothing good is ahead of all of you in the world. With the war going on between Russia and Ukraine, it will not stop but will continue for some time. Putin does not want to agree with any nation to make peace.”

“There is too much control. There is too much evil in the world, and they want to control you at all costs.”

“Pray, My people and have faith in Me. I Am your life, your light, and your guide through all of this. The world now is in total darkness and sin. That upsets Me because people do not wake up, and there is not much time.”

Our Lord said, “Valentina, tell people not to be afraid but tell them to pray and to trust Me. I bless you all, and be at peace. Remain faithful to Me and stay with Me, knowing that I will never leave you because I love you all. Be My faithful remnant that I love so much.”

Our Lord wants us to accumulate spiritual things that will benefit us in our soul, in eternity.