8 May 2022

The Holy Souls ask for Cake and Bread

This morning the angel came and took me to Purgatory. We visited many groups of souls, and for each group, I had different tasks to do. I was also talking to them and consoling them.

Then the angel said, “There is another group we have to go and see.”

We descended a little and came to an open field, very dull and dreary, where we met more souls that were waiting. We started talking to some of them when I noticed a group of ladies standing not too far behind us.

They were looking at me, and I heard them saying to each other, all excited, “Ah, that’s the lady who gives cake and bread to people. But did you see? There is always a little Boy with her, a very pretty little Boy. Wherever she goes, He goes with her. He never leaves her.”

The angel and I were listening to them, and we looked at each other and started smiling.

These souls did not know my name. They just referred to me as ‘that lady’. I laughed and said, “Oh my goodness.”

Right away in my heart, I knew that the little Boy they could see was the little Boy Jesus who is always protecting me and guiding me. The souls in Purgatory are not supposed to recognise Him until they are purified.

I asked the angel, “Oh, how do they know about the little Boy?’

“They can see Him!” replied the angel.

I said, “Thank you, my Lord, little Boy Jesus.”

While looking at me, the souls said to one another, “Let’s go and ask her if she can give us some of that nice cake and bread.”

With courage, they approached me and asked, “Lady, can we have some cake and bread? We are very hungry. Please help us.”

“Surely, I will give you some cake and bread,” I answered.

This means that I will help them by praying for them, offering them to our Lord at Holy Mass, and offering for them the Holy Communion that I receive, as this nourishes their soul.

The souls in Purgatory are very hungry for bread. The bread represents The Holy Word of God, with which you feed them spiritually and also when you offer prayers for them. The cake represents sweetness; this helps them with their suffering.

During the celebration of Holy Mass, when our Lord freely offers Himself as a sacrifice, as He did on the Holy Cross on Calvary, I see the Holy Souls come and gather before the Altar. They all kneel, anxiously waiting to be offered up instantly. I know our Lord sees them all.

During the Consecration, while our Lord is sacrificed at the Mass, which is given and offered for all of us, the souls are also there really praying and waiting that they will be redeemed. At that moment, they are waiting that someone will offer them up to our Lord, be that the priest or congregant. The souls cannot help themselves.

During the Consecration, if the souls are offered up to our Lord, it is very good for them, but sometimes when priests do not mention them, they have to wait. Some are lifted up at the Altar, some are not, and they remain. It depends on the condition of the sin they had. Some may be purified immediately. It is a big mystery.

When we approach the Altar to receive Holy Communion, I also observe how the Holy Souls move to either side to make room for us, as they know people are coming forward to receive the Blessed Eucharist.

The souls keep coming towards the Altar for the duration of the Mass. After the Holy Mass has finished, I watch as they go back to the Tabernacle.

They are always near the Tabernacle in a church, both at night and throughout the day. Here they do vigil to our Lord and wait for someone to offer them up. So, they are constantly in the church.

The Holy Souls need our prayers and sacrifices, and they need Holy Masses to be offered for them.

I thanked my Lord, the little Boy Jesus for always being with me and protecting me. I remember many times Blessed Mother said to Lord Jesus as a little Boy, “Son, make sure that you are always with Valentina and protect her wherever she goes.”

“Yes, Mother,” He would say.

Oh, how beautiful it is to see Blessed Mother speaking to our Lord as a mother.