11th February 2008

Feast of our Lady of Lourdes

Blessed Mother appeared to me saying, “Many years ago, I was sent to Lourdes to reveal Myself to a very simple and poor little girl, Bernadette, to teach her My love and prayers to a very sick world to urge people to turn back to God. As the years go by people take less and less notice of My shrines.”

“If they only knew how important it is to attend these places in pilgrimage, how many graces and healing are there for them. Those who cannot attend when they do not have the means to travel, they can still do devotions and novena’s to Me in all sincerity. My Son and I know all your needs, but My Son wants you to ask through Me with these special devotions and trust your prayer will be heard.”

Then, I saw Holy Mary and She took me to see some Holy Souls in purgatory.

She said, “The reason I am bringing you here is to see the souls who need help from you. Thankyou for accepting all the suffering We give you but it is necessary in order to help them. If you could only see the many souls you save, nothing is in vain.”

Then Mary led me into a little washroom and She explained, “First is this little basin, filled with crystal clear water, with stains still on the side. Take a little of this water and clean it.”

I skimmed my hand over the surface of the water to remove the stains. Automatically, the water became clear again.

The Blessed Mother then said, “This is how the souls become purified from all stains before they meet My Son. This all comes about when you offer your sacrifices and prayers and Masses for the Holy Souls.”

She smiled, saying, “Don’t think that you can stop praying for them, because there are so many who need help to come to the better place. My children, it is your duty to pray and help the Holy Souls. They cannot help themselves any more. When they reach Heaven they are so grateful, they constantly thank and pray for you.”

“You have no idea how united you are with the Holy Souls. There is no barrier between you, even though it is not meant for you to see them.”

Jesus have mercy on us and for the Holy Souls.