21st January 2008

I had experienced a lot of suffering with the Holy Souls.

On this day an Angel came to visit me. He asked me to go with Him. We came to this large building which was desolate and in disrepair with only a dirt floor. There were hundreds of souls present, of all ages and all walks of life. Their faces were all distorted in agony. The Angel spoke, “You were sent here to console these souls.”

I approached them and they told me of their families and their attitudes of anger and not forgiving, towards others before death. I asked “why do you have to suffer so much?” They answered. “We were guilty of many offences against our neighbours, for not sharing and being very selfish and not nourishing our spiritual life. For this reason, we have been given much suffering.”

I told them I would pray for them to help them rise up, and encourage them by showing them human kindness. Just this small thing I did for them helped them to relax. Their faces were transformed with happy expressions. They then knew that all that was ahead of them was to yearn to see God.

The Angel spoke, “Come, we have to go.”

As we stepped out of this place, the Angel said to me “Kneel down and thank God for all the consolation you have given to the Holy Souls, that He sent you.”

Suddenly, on the ground before me I saw a small bowl, pewter in appearance, filled with blood.

The Angel said, “Take and drink, this is the Precious Blood of the Lord Jesus to give you strength and nourish you, to help the Holy Souls.”

I was thinking to myself, ‘do I have to’ The Angel insisted, so I lifted the bowl with both hands and swallowed quite a bit. It was of the most beautiful taste of the first class wine and had a most wonderful aroma that I had ever experienced. I put the bowl back on the ground, praising and thanking God.

I was then returned to my home.

The same day, I was in church. I said, “Lord, what will others say when I tell them.” He appeared smiling, “Always think of others and not of yourself. That pleases Me. The grace was given to you alone.”

“Only very few receive an experience as this which was given directly to you I don’t share My Precious Blood with many, only very few. Praise Me, and thank Me.”

I then asked, the Lord about the way the Precious Blood was given to me, because the Lord is so Holy why not in a beautiful Chalice made of gold with precious stones.

He said, “I show you the simplest and smallest way so you will remain humble.”

I thank you Lord for this most Precious gift given to me.

I love You and Praise You please Lord cover us with your Precious Blood and protect us. We love You and thank You.