11th March 2008

Our Lord Jesus said to me while I was praying. “May My blessings and peace be upon you all during this Easter.”

“How I desire that you live your lives free from all your worries and fear. Fear does not come from Me but from all the bad news and different sources that you hear daily to make you uneasy and stressed. The evil increases in the world so is the sin that is worse than ever before. You must tern to Me with all your confidence to help you to go through day by day life. Many people carry guilt in them because they don’t do the right thing, making decisions, concerning the settlement of property and anger plays a bitter part in their lives, here and after, and when they die they suffer more.”

“Sharing is the only way. I cannot forgive you if you don’t do right. Don’t carry your guilt with you. It is a big burden. Confession is the healing way to free you inside. It is the treasure of My mercy and grace to free you. You have a good example of Mary Magdalen. sinned badly but when she met Me I forgave her and told her, ‘sin no more’. She obeyed me and was so grateful to Me.”

“Valentina, do not be afraid to tell people not to be afraid but to confess and to change. I am here to forgive you always and ready. I died for all of you to save you for I am full or mercy and love to pour out on all of you.”

“Remember the sufferings you all experience and they increase but also, My coming every year is nearer and nearer. Be joyful and happy, rejoice in My impending coming.”

Jesus was smiling as He departed. Come Lord Jesus. We love you, Lord Jesus. Grant us you blessing this Easter season.