30th March 2008

Divine Mercy Sunday

During my prayer, I was visited by an angel smiling. He said, “Come, you have a special grace to visit the holy Family in Heaven.”

Instantly we were in a place, simply arrange but with a holy aura about it.

In the centre was a long grate with a log fire burning in it. A stack of logs was placed beside it. St. Joseph was seated beside the fire holding the child Jesus on his lap. Jesus held him in a tight embrace. He appeared to be only two years of age. I kissed St. Joseph on his cheek and caressed Jesus on His little blonde head. He looked up at me with His blue eyes smiling. I asked, “St. Joseph, what does this fire represent?”

He answered, “This fire is very important. I have to look after it and keep it burning. This fire can never extinguish. If the fire extinguishes you all on earth would be in trouble.” He spoke very seriously. I asked, “who supplies these logs for you?” St Joseph smiled and answered, “A very good man provides them for me, but I don’t know for how long.”

I lifted a log myself and placed it on the fire understanding that I was also doing this for the people of the world.

Then I felt something was missing. I asked, “St. Joseph, where is Blessed Mother? I really miss her.” St Joseph seriously said to me, “my beloved spouse also has to go every day in front of the throne of God to beg for you people on earth. She has to intercede for you all.”

“This os so serious. She can’t miss even one day, otherwise, you people on earth would be in trouble.”

All this represents things spiritual. The flame – Divine Mercy, the flame of love, purification for our souls, the fire of the Holy Spirit. This is why the fire cannot extinguish. It has to keep going. We must do our part performing sacrifices and praying here on earth.

We don’t realise how hard the blessed Mother works for us here on earth, pleading for the world before God for Mercy.

Thank you Holy Family.