April 2008

This morning while praying, a Saint from Heaven appeared to me. He thanked me for praying for the deceased. He said, “Valentina, thank you for praying for my people of China.

See, my people in China are very much persecuted for their beliefs and faith. They are good people but they do not have freedom.

I said to Him, “I do feel sad for your country people for they suffer a lot.”

He answered,” Valentina tell my people of China, God has plans for their country.”

He swept his arm in an arc to the right, and I saw a vision. A huge crowd of young men vested in white vestments. He said, “My country will become very religious and it will flourish with happiness and holiness. This is what God is preparing for my country in the very near future.”

When the earthquake happed in China and the cyclone in Burma occurred, I saw many of these people (as souls) in my room, their hands reaching upwards, continually begging without stopping, desperate for help. Outside my room I could hear talking. I thought, “how could they know about me?” A woman came forward, holding a little child and had two other children with her. She said, “1 wondered if could help us when we were talking amongst ourselves” She was persistent and courageous and came straight to me. She said, “Please, we are all very confused, please help us and lead us to the light.”

I was in agony physically, and my mind was spinning. I had never had suffering like that before for the holy Souls.

In church during Mass. I prayed “Lord, I offer you all these souls who come to me during the night. I can’t bear any more. Please do something.”

Our Lord answered, “My child, I need your suffering to put them on the right road. I try to save as many as I can. I am always with you. You are not alone. We work together do save souls but I need your suffering to save them.”

Lord have mercy on all this suffering and lead them to eternal life.