17th April, 2008

The Blessed Mother came and said, “Peace be with you, my child. I urge My children again and I remind you that you have to change and pray more, not to be occupied with daily occurrences as you have been doing. Make time and go back to your prayers for mankind. God is so offended by so much that is happening in the world. So sinful is the world, My children.”

Blessed Mother then said, “There will be alot of disasters happening, you won’t even know where and when they will come. It will be so unexpected.”

I n a vision, I was shown deep dark black clouds. There were three, each separated from the other. Holy Mary explained, “Wherever they touch they will destroy the nation.”

In a vision I saw many Asian people, screaming and running from a horrific storm with high winds and heavy rain, uprooting trees and destroying houses. I called out, “Oh, the poor people.” Mary said to me, “My child, pray for them Pray for their spiritual benefit more than for their material welfare.”

Then Holy Mary said, “See the dark clouds. They represent the sin. When they reach all the way up to heaven then God Permits punishment to correct people, hoping they will change and turn back to Him.”

Disasters give other people in the world the chance to perform charitable works, to help the poor and the needy.