22nd April, 2008

In the morning while I was praying at home, the Blessed Mother appeared to me, looking very happy and cheerful.

She said, “I come to tell you, My children the good news. Jesus is coming soon.”

“See my children, here on earth, you love a lot of things during your life. You are attached to one another. You love also nature, your pets and animals, flowers and beautiful scenery that makes you happy, seeing the beauty. But, My children, nothing can compare with the beauty of Jesus.”

“Jesus IS the most beautiful above all things, because He loves you so much. I tell you a little secret. Jesus’ coming is ever so near. My children, prepare your selves and go and meet Jesus.”

In a vision, I saw a small mountain and directly on the other side, Jesus was waiting for us.

Holy Mary said, “Go and greet Jesus, for He is truly coming soon.”

Thank you, Blessed Mother, for your encouragement.