12 August 2022

Cenacle Rosary Produces Many Good Fruits

Today, in church, when I prayed the Angelus, the Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus came smiling. They said, “We come to you to tell you how happy we are for this day when you children all come together to pray the Cenacle Rosary. Me and my Son, we look forward to this day. My children, you have no idea how many graces and blessings you receive each time.”

“You offer us a great consolation because my Son Jesus is so much offended by the world. His Sacred Heart is deeply pierced by sin and by the corruption of humanity. My children, pray for the world, for conversion and repentance.”

“We are always present and love you very much.”

Later, when we were praying in the church, our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “This Cenacle Rosary is very powerful, and it produces many good fruits that come out of your prayers.”

Our Lord then blessed us all.