14 August 2022

Our Lord Transforms our Sufferings into Graces

This morning when I was saying my prayers, the Angel of the Lord appeared and said, “Valentina, come with me. I have to show you something.”

I thought I would definitely be visiting Holy Souls, as the angel would usually take me to Purgatory.

Instead, we suddenly found ourselves in a most beautiful garden. I knew right away this was not Purgatory as it was so beautiful and light, and I thought to myself, ‘This is too beautiful to be Purgatory.’

The nature here is so alive and vibrant. The angel and I stood there admiring this magnificent and very colourful garden with its many different kinds of exquisite flowers, and in awe, I said to the angel, “Ohh, what a beautiful place!”

Suddenly, a young man appeared beside me. He was very tall and good-looking, about 18-20 years of age, with fair hair tied back in a ponytail. He was dressed in pants and a light-coloured shirt.

He came out of nowhere, and as I looked at Him, I thought he had also come to look at the garden. The next moment, he stepped a little further ahead of the angel and me. A pair of scissors appeared in his hand. He then grabbed one part of his ponytail and cut off his hair. It was quite a large amount of hair all in one piece. And then, in front of myself and the angel, he threw the cut hair all over this garden.

I turned to the angel and said, “Gee, that is not very nice manners, spreading hair all over this beautiful garden, polluting it like that.”

As I said this, the young man again put his hand behind his head and proceeded to cut another fairly large piece of his hair, and again he threw it all over the lovely garden. At that moment, a chair suddenly appeared in front of me, and the young man sat down.

I again said to the angel, “Gee, that is not very nice manners. He ought to be told that what he is doing is not right.”

I then went very close to the young gentleman and said to him, “You know, God sees everything, what we do in our lives. It is all written in the Book of Life. All that you just did, the way you threw your hair all over this beautiful garden, that is not good manners. You should put it in the bin.”

The young man did not say anything; He just sat there, very serious, listening to me. I told him, “All is written, so be very careful what you do. One day you will answer to God.”

The angel then came really close to me and whispered in my ear, “Do you know who you are talking to?”

I answered, “No, it is some person. He ought to be taught some manners.”

“That is our Lord Jesus,” the angel replied.

I was in shock and so embarrassed when the angel revealed this to me.

Our Lord Jesus knew everything. He turned around and said, “It is good that you remember My Commandments!”

Then the angel said to me, “You know, our Lord did all of that for you. To cheer you up. And today, He rewards you with many graces because you suffer a lot and you have been abused. Come closer, and have a look at the Hair that our Lord cut.”

As I looked at the garden, which went as far as the eye could see, I gasped as it was covered all in gold. I stood in amazement, looking at the thick strands of gold blanketing the whole garden.

I said, “Wow, look at His Hair, our Lord, how Holy He is, even His Hair is gold!”

The angel said, “See, how many graces you receive. Do not worry when people talk about you, abuse you, and then you suffer because you are highly rewarded. That is why you have been brought here today – to cheer you up.”

I felt so ashamed that I had scolded our Lord, but the angel smiled, and so did our Lord.

I said, “Lord, I am so sorry that I offended You. I didn’t know it was You because You disguised Yourself. Each time You look different.”

Our Lord responded, “Apology accepted.”

I came back to my room feeling happy and embarrassed at the same time.

Blessed Mother said, “You know my Son loves you because it is all simple, the way it comes out of you.

See how bad turns into beauty and how many graces we receive from our Lord through our suffering.