21 August 2022

The Importance of Uniting Yourself with a Prayer Group

It was about six-thirty this morning when I was saying my morning prayers. I started by saying my morning offering prayers and then the Angelus. The angel came and said, “Our Lord has sent me to tell you that you must unite yourself with a group prayer. Do you know that the prayer group in Parramatta, our Lord has consecrated that prayer group to Himself.”

“It is very important to pray right now because the people in the world are so sinful. So sinfully and so shamefully, they offend God, especially by the clothing they wear in the world today. It offends Him so much that it affects His Kingship in Heaven. Now, as never before, is the world so sinful.”

“Valentina, do not be silent; speak the True Holy Word that the Lord Jesus gives you. If people do not repent and convert now, it will affect them later. It will affect their souls.”

“All of God’s Commandments are now broken. People make their own laws on earth, and there is no shame. That is how the world teaches them now; to be free of everything and free of God’s Commandments.”

“That is very wrong. Oh, how it affects His Kingship and His Majesty.”

Lord, have mercy on us. Encourage one another to pray for the world to convert. Pray that people will change their way of life and repent and come to love God’s Commandments.

Later in the day, during the Holy Mass, I asked our Lord Jesus to be merciful to the world. After Mass, I came before the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle to pray when our Lord asked me to make reparation.

He said, “Do reparation for the world that offends Me so much. I tell you, even if you are here praying for twenty-four hours without going away from here, it would not be enough to change everything, for that is how bad the world is now.”