12th JANUARY, 2007

This morning, Blessed Mother appeared to me. She was very joyous, smiling happily. She said, “Today you receive a grace to come with Me. Come, I will show you the house We used to live in on earth as a Holy Family of Nazareth only I will take you to a Heavenly home.”

I felt so happy, joyful and privileged.

Mary hugged me and said, “My children, you all belong to the Heavenly Family. Those who love My Son and St Joseph and Myself.”

Suddenly, we entered into a courtyard and walking around a corner, we walked through a doorway into the house. There St Joseph and Jesus, who was about twelve years old, greeted us, smiling.

I gasped in wonder. The space was lined wit rambling roses, greenery and other flowers all over the wall. It was fresh and beautiful. They made me very welcome. Jesus was dressed in a white robe and had His feet bare.

Holy Mary sat down, opposite Her was a little square table. Jesus opened a drawer in the table. Mary said, “Son, what are you doing?”

He replied, “Oh, just looking.” He had a square of bread in His hand and started eating. Accidentally, He dropped it and picking it up, He kissed it and continued eating. He was moving around as children do.

Holy Mary looked so beautiful with an aura of gentle Holiness and Nobility. Her dress was a soft burgundy colour and Her dark hair reached softly to Her shoulders, with no veil over Her head. She smiled, looking at Jesus saying, “Son, pay attention to what I am telling You now. Make sure that you look after Valentina and go with her wherever she goes and protect her.”

Jesus answered, “Yes, Mother.”

I felt a strong feeling of cooperation that existed in the Family that I was protected within their environment. St Joseph smiled quietly, and said, “Valentina, don’t be sad. We as a Holy Family will always protect you and be with you.”

When we are sad or in despair, always turn to the Holy Family for help. Don’t be afraid, they are always there to help us. I myself, honour them daily and ask for their help.

Every January, I receive a special grace, either a beautiful vision or a message which lifts my spirit.

A few days before I received this grace of being taken to Heaven, I was saying morning prayers when I suddenly heard the sound of a strong wind, approaching stronger and stronger. Then a flock of white doves entered the room. They kept coming, filling the house, leaving an aura of peace wherever they went. I urged them to fly into all the rooms of the house, until they had all passed through and had gone.

The next minute, Our Lord Jesus appeared and embraced me. He whispered, “I come to console you and give you peace.”

Thankyou, my Lord and the Holy Family, for all Your graces and protection. We the children on earth Love You.