A beautiful Angel appeared to me whilst I was praying at home. His eyes were truly beautiful, like blue crystal.

He said, “Come, I will show you the suffering you had. It all bears fruit.”

We found ourselves in a place where there was a multitude of people. They were moving around and talking.

The Angel told me that before I experienced the suffering, in the time between Christmas and the Feast of the Holy Family, these people had been suffering on the worst level of Purgatory. He explained that they had to pass through many dark narrow tunnels before they were lifted up to the next level.

He smiled and I saw he was holding a Rosary in his hand. I asked, ” do you pray the Rosary?”

He said, “The prayer of the Rosary is a prayer to atone for the sin which offends God.”

As we were standing there, souls approached us and greeted us. There were many men in the group. They said, “We are always happy to see you, because you are our way.” Then they said, “We know all about the drought you are experiencing in Australia. You people are very relaxed about it. You don’t seem to worry about it.”

I answered, “Yes, we need rain badly. It needs to rain for at least four months.” They looked at one another and smiled, saying, “You really need four years of rain, to soak your ground. That is how dry your land is.”

When the Angel brought me back to my room, I said my prayers and thanked our Lord, asking Him to have mercy on the Holy Souls.

Our Lord appeared to me briefly, smiling.

He spoke, “Valentina, I show you all these souls so you will understand all your suffering was not in vain.”

I said, looking at a vision He showed me of these souls, “Lord, how many.” (There were thousands)

He said, “I know you are amazed to see all these souls, but lately, many are dying in disasters, wars, sickness and accidents. It never ends. The people need help and prayers to go to a better place.”

Lord have mercy on all the Holy Souls.

Often, I get a yearning feeling in my heart. I offer this to our Lord and ask for His help. Our Lord answered me. “Don’t grieve when a member of the family dies. Pray and have hope in Me. Whoever you have lost, your loved ones, you will find them again. Trust Me. One day, in My Holy Presence, in the home I have prepared for you all.”