12th January 2009

The Holy souls

Today an Angel came to me to take me to see the Holy Souls to console them.

I said to the Angel, “I am so accustomed to this and looking forward to seeing them.”

This time they were Chinese and Korean souls very friendly. We could not communicate because of a language barrier, but we understood one another with hand signals and movements. They were all ladies, mostly tall of stature, and they each identified which country they originated from.

I promised to pray for them and lead them to the light.

The area we were in was a big space like countryside. There was a big building, similar to a warehouse.

While we were communicating, a big group of boys of school age passed by quickly.

The Angel said to me then, “Come, must go now.”

We walked through this countryside, the same group of boys appeared again and walked over to us. We stopped and a tall, fair beautiful lady dressed in white with a radiant face walked over to us.

She said, “You had only a glimpse of these boys before, but now it is the right moment for them to ask you to help them. Since you help others, will you please help them too. They walk and walk, and no-one cares to lead them to the light. For a long time, their suffering has been unbearable.”

I said to the lady, “I will offer them up during the Mass.”

I decided she was a Saint from Heaven, looking at her appearance and the way she was dressed in a long white gown.

I asked, “why all the school? What happened?

She replied, “An accident a long time ago.”

To me their ages appeared from primary to high school. Their uniform was very nice, grey and green, and their peaked caps of the same colour with the school badge on the front.

While we talked, I felt strongly the presence of Jesus. Of course, He is the one who authorises these visits. I smiled afterwards and thanked Him. “You take Me to these places and You always bring me back home. I feel a special feeling of joy in me. How beautiful and a good God You are. I thank You, my Lord, have mercy on the Holy Souls.”