17th October 2008

at night, I was saying my thanksgiving prayer when our Lord Jesus came and said. “Peace be with you, My child. I know you all are concerned for the economic collapse. Little by little they are falling into recession and big financial disaster. I can only tell you, you will go through very hard times ahead. It will not get better soon, but will only get worse. The world is affected by greedy and wealthy men. They make believe there is no money, but this is all planned by evil men”.

“My children, it is not only the third world that will suffer hunger but also wealthy nations. It will spread everywhere. I feel sad for My people but this was foretold long ago. Humanity didn’t accept My prophecy which I spoke through My little simple children. People ridicule them and speak falsely about them.

BE not afraid, Speak My Word. Woe to those who condemn. I shall judge severely those who ignore My Holy Word.”

“Valentina, with all these troubles which are upon you all, you have Me. When you are with Me , you have nothing to worry”.