12th March, 2010

The Angel of the Lord came to me and said, “I was sent to tell you about the prayer group you are attending in Parramatta Church.”

“Our Lord is very pleased with you. You have already received a good news given to you by our Queen most Holy, Mother of our Lord Jesus. She explained to you very beautifully about the prayer group but you yourself took this news very casually.”

“You should be joyful and happy, singing and praising our Lord for the gift and graces He bestowed upon you all. Thank Him always for being chosen in this place and group to be above all others.”

I said to the Angel, “I am very happy and I know the people of the group are very happy too. I know we cannot be proud because then we lose this grace. We must remain humble.”

The Angel smiled and said, “I tell you, this group in Parramatta is number one in God’s eyes, and it pleases our Lord very much all the beautiful prayers you all do. Don’t you see through prayer you receive grace, the biggest grace you have received is the new Bishop our Lord has placed in the church to do good and to please our Lord Jesus Christ. You will receive many more graces if you continue to pray.”

The Angel was very serious telling me all this news. He said, “Appreciate the Holy word which the Lord gives you. You should be very happy and excited about all these graces you receive.”

I said, “Thankyou, Lord Jesus Christ, for all the graces you have bestowed upon us.”