20th March, 2010

1 was invited to a group for prayer and a talk. My very special friends organised this meeting and accommodation. It was a marvellous spiritual retreat. 1 thanked the Lord for the graces He gave us.

Our Lord then appeared to me very joyful and happy. He said, ‘Valentina, My child, the meeting you have just attended was very successful. The people to whom you spoke My Holy word were so happy to hear it. They didn’t want the meeting to end. Wherever you went, people noticed you and approached you and you talked with them and gave them hope. On the last day, by talking and reading My messages you touch the hearts of all the people present.’

‘My child, you make Me so joyful, you praise Me so beautifully. Tell them, My child, 1 am always present and so is My beloved Mother, Mary most Holy and Angels and Saints and you all received very special blessing from Me.’

Thankyou, Lord Jesus, for all the graces and blessing You give us.

Later on that night in my room, St Rita appeared to me and told me to ask people to invoke her and ask her to intercede for them.

She said, ‘I will personally plead to our Lord for whatever they ask me and the graces will be given and granted no matter how difficult it may be. Valentina, tell the Italian people that I will be more than happy to pray for them.’ She smiled and departed. St Rita is a beautiful and very gentle Saint.