21st March, 2010

Visit In Purgatory with the Holy Angel.

We arrived in a very large area. Many people everywhere. As we drew closer I noticed that they were all priests waiting for relief.

They begged me to pray for them for relief.

I came to a group of Italian priests. They stretched out their arms to me and said, “Valentina, you help all the others. Please don’t forget us. We count on you.”

We spoke to each other in Italian. I said, “What happened to you all? There are so many of you. What have you done that there are so many waiting here?”

They said, “Valentina, we disobeyed and didn’t speak the truth to those in our care, about confession, behaviour in the church concerning reverence, sacrilege in Holy Communion and the modernism creeping into the church which offends God very much. This is why we have to pay such a high price. Please help us.”

All the priests were clothed in very dark brown pants and shirt, similar to a prison outfit.

Lord, have mercy on all these Holy Souls.