27th March, 2010

Right throughout the night, I experienced much suffering which was given to me.

I was attacked, by bad spirits. I called to our Lord to come to my aid, but He held back, because He permits these attacks.

Finally, I picked up the crucifix and prayed the Creed and then the Lord’s prayer. Halfway through this prayer, a large red and orange colour pillar of flame, approximately half a metre tall, appeared beside me.

A voice within the flame spoke to me. I recognised the voice of our Lord.

He said, “My child, don’t complain what you experience. I choose you to do My will. I created you for Myself. This is the road I designed for you. Accept it, as there are no other roads for you. You are not alone in all of this. We are together, we are one in all. Be grateful and thank Me.”