4th April, 2010

Early Easter morning.

While praying in the morning, I was praising the resurrected Lord Jesus.

I said, ‘Lord on Your resurrection today, may You bless the whole world, believers and unbelievers. They all need Your help.’

I was seated on the edge of my bed, Lord Jesus appeared and sat down next to me, placing me on His right. He was clothed in a beautiful white robe and red mantle.

He smiled and said, ‘Valentina, My child, I heard your prayer. I do bless the whole world and everyone in it. I too am offended by those non believers. Every year when you celebrate My resurrection I do renew the graces to give you hope in your lives. I bring you a meaningful new purpose in your lives.’

‘How sad I am when scientists and people try to go above Me. They try to convince people that you originate from monkeys.’

‘Valentina, tell them that this is all lies. They deceive many people. I am the creator and I create the world. I made everything beautiful and placed everything in it. But then I thought, there is no life in it, so then I created animal and then humans. Everything was beautiful then and I was happy. It would be very sad and empty without anyone in it.’

‘Today in the world these people offend Me very much, but I am still compassionate toward all sinners hoping they will change one day and they will recognise Me as their Creator and God.’

Our Lord repeated, ‘I am the Creator of everything.’ ‘I am the beginning and the end of everything.’ ‘There is no one else above Me.’

‘I am the Alpha and Omega.’

Lord, I kneel before Your Majesty and ask Your action in our lives and the world.

Enact Your plan, now, Father to bring all Your people back to You in love and remorse and repentance.

Allow Your justice, guided by Your mercy to pour forth upon the waiting world that knows not Your love and power.

Bring us back to Your loving arms and scoop us up in Your love and mercy.

You are our God and our Creator. Our Saviour and our sanctifier.

I beg You, Father, receive our prayer and answer us. Amen.