13th July, 2007

Our Lady appeared and said, “My daughter, I come to plead again with you, My children, that you are too much preoccupied in your daily lives. You neglect the most important part in your life. Penance, prayer, self sacrifice, all you do in your daily life, remember to offer it up to God the Almighty Father, for the gifts you receive abundantly.”

“Don’t forget to pray for others less fortunate than yourselves in poor places in the world. Disaster hits so many places in the world with severe weather. Floods, hurricanes and many sicknesses.”

“My children, you too will experience many changes in the weather. They will be your warnings. Hot and cold. They will change quickly from one to the other, in an extreme weather pattern.”

Holy Mary looked at me as I said, “Blessed Mother, we will all be sick and we are not strong.”

She smiled at this and said, “These are wake up calls to prayer and to change your lifestyle, My children. God is offended very much. He wishes people to repent of their evil sinful deeds, which cause Him a lot of pain. The quicker people change and see, the better the world will become.”

Thankyou, Blessed Mother, please protect us all. We love You.