3rd July, 2007

While praying in the morning, Our Lord appeared to me and said, “This month is especially consecrated to My Precious Blood.”

“My child, Honour My Precious Blood that I willingly shed during My torture and passion on the way to Calvary. The most painful injury was when I received the lance in My Sacred Heart. It opened like a fountain, first came the water and then the blood to wash away all your sins and iniquities.”

“This repeats from generation to generation so you can be saved. How precious is My Sacred Blood. A drop can save all humanity and the world. If only people knew how to ask for it. My strong love toward you all is so powerful that I refuse nothing when you ask sincerely from your hearts.”

“I cover you with My Precious Blood, then an invisible grace comes above you and I embrace you. It can heal your body and change you interiorly, even your depressed moods which hang over you. It can do any miracle, so powerful is My Precious Blood.”

“Tell people they must honour and trust in Me that I can do anything. Say often:- Jesus, cover me with Your Precious Blood, my family, friends and those who I love.”

“The enemy just flees away, when you call on Me and ask Me to cover you with My Precious Blood.”

“My children, go often to confession. Be clean in your soul so that way the graces can work better. That way I want you all to be safe and protected.”

Our Lord was clothed completely in red during the month of July.

Thankyou, my Lord, have mercy.