15th June, 2007


During morning prayers, I received a vision of the Eternal Father.

I saw an altar covered with a magenta coloured altar cloth. The Eternal Father was surrounded by the Seven Archangels.

He said, “Peace be with you, My daughter. Today is a special day for the Sacred Heart. These days, My daughter, not many people honour the Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart is pierced through so many times by blasphemy and sin, I cannot express the pain We feel caused by disobedience and irreverence of people.”

“For instance, you wonder why such a violent storm should hit you. People don’t see to convert and change, but they continue to offend Me and ignore My warnings.”

He looked at me and said, “The storm you went through is nothing compared to the disasters which are upon you. There will be severe hurricanes, which you have never experienced before, but also earthquakes which will hit many parts of this land. You will know by the warnings of the little creatures which will let you know this disaster will happen.”

In a vision, I saw many little animals, rodents, cats, dogs and birds running in the same direction. I understood that God looks after them and leads them to a safer place. Also, I saw light poles collapsing and huge cracks appearing in the earth.

God the Father said to me, “I am very serious about all of this which I am telling you. Unless you pray very much and convert, I can be merciful and avert this horrible punishment which hangs over you.”

An Angel remained with me after the Eternal Father left me.

He said, “Write down what has been revealed to you and take seriously the Holy Words of God, because He has chosen you to be His prophet, you must write and warn people.”

During Mass today, the presiding Priest prayed, “Be merciful O Lord, for we have sinned against You.” At that instant, I saw a light appear over the crucifix in the church, which I understood as a confirmation of all that I had received.