24th May, 2007


While praying the Angelus early morning our Blessed Mother appeared. She greeted me saying, “Praised be Jesus, praised be Lord for ever.”

Her face was very sad and She was clothed in grey. (Grey represents sadness)

She said, “My children, I come to plead with you again to help Me, to sacrifice with your prayers for so much suffering, especially in the Middle East, amongst My children. Their cry comes all the way to Heaven, to Me and My Son. How sorrowful is My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of My Son to see all My children scattered and persecuted, living in fear, hungry and thirsty. They don’t know from day to day what may happen to them. There is so much hatred between one nation and another.”

“Instead of living in peace with one another they think that each is better than the other and they hate continually with no solution for peace. This is a dangerous situation for it can spread into other nations.”

“Today, I represent Myself as Mother of all Christians the way you honour Me, but I don’t only represent Christians but all God’s children on em1h. For that reason I suffer because they don’t respond to Me. They hate continually so I ask you, My faithful children, to pray for them.”

Holy Mary then spoke to me, “I find a little consolation trusting in you that you will spread My words to others, hoping they will respond with their prayers.”

Let us console our Mother so that peace will be achieved soon in the Middle East.