14th May, 2007

This morning when I prayed, I had a vision of God the Father from Heaven.

He said, “My daughter, looking at the world, it is so bad and sinful. I am sorry for you, My children, that you are going through such atrocity. I feel sad for you all. I can no longer watch it. It so deeply offends Me. I also am sorry.”

“I Myself join with Heaven in prayer to help you with your prayers so 1 can quickly rescue you from this wicked world.”

“Pray, My children, for your sins to be forgiven. Pray for others, for their sin and wrongdoing, so I can bring peace to all the world and to spread like a heavenly dew that will be given to all of you.”

I was very surprised when God the Father said He would join Heaven in prayer. As a priest prays with us in church we feel good.

It must be very bad here on earth for God Himself to speed the time to bring peace to all humanity.

His prayers are powerful and it is so nice to have a beautiful and good Father who cares for us. He is so merciful.

Thankyou my Father for loving us so much.